Terms & Conditions

  1. Application with Bio Data
  2. Any Person having minimum qualification 10th can apply for DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT Person having office space minimum 250 sq.ft
  3. Person should be holding Permanent account no (PAN)
  4. DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT will provide fresh loan cases and the cases will process on Priority basis on the basis of required documents
  5. DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT will work only for company, If found works for another company then his/her DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT will be cancelled on a single notice
  6. DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT will forward applications duly signed by the applicants after Filling all columns with required information along with the documentary evidences and Photographs of the applicants.
  7. DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT will collect the loan applications of the interested parties after Giving full details and delivers to the company immediately.
  8. To ensure regular payment of instalments in the accounts introduced by applicant and timely deposition of post date cheques.
  9. To ensure recovery in the event of default/non payment
  10. DMA/DSA/SUB DSA/AGENT have no right to violate existing terms & conditions of the Company for granting of loan etc. on behalf of the company

Primary terms and conditions to know and use to be fulfilled by the applicant

  1. Minimum Loan amount will be Rs. 1 Lakh/-(Rupees One Lakh only) and maximum Rs.500 Crore (Rs. five hundred crore only) in case of Loan.
  2. Loan Amount will carry and interest rate of 7% per Annum.
  3. Tenure of repayments will be minimum 1 One year and maximum 30 Twenty years
  4. Loan may be given to any person working in State/ Central Government with in India.
  5. Loan may be given to Government employee working in State / Central Government few Departments within India.
  6. If the full an final repayment of the Loan amount is made before the stipulated period then Applicant may get relaxation on interest.
  7. File charge and expenditure regarding property verification, Mortgage deed, registration, Verification, Agent Commission etc. will be bear by the applicant.
  8. After considering all the facts and aspects of the loan application, applicant will be Intimated in due course of time regarding approval of loan by the financial firm/ Company.
  9. After submitting all papers and completing all formalities as per firms/ Company’s Requirement by the applicant, the financial Firm/Company will disburse the loan within one Week through cheque or Bank Draft.